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The Kingdom of Shadows | Chapter 2
Chapter II
Fort Luparia
The feast ended, and the next day, there was already someone waiting at my house. My new soon to be trainer. I wasn’t even dressed yet. And I still had to say my farewells to Aidan. Warriors of the Genesis were always isolated from everyone else. They couldn’t have any influence from the outside, only to be focused on their task. To find a way to stop this madness, this chaos.
I dressed up, my usual leather outfit, with metal rings strapped on my shoulders and my flanks, and my fingerless leather gloves. I tied my black hair into a horsetail, and took a final look into the mirror. My face was smooth. I never went through anything dangerous before. That would soon change. I always wondered if too much stress would damage the color in your eyes. Make it more grim. I didn’t want my sky-blue eyes to die down. It’s the only thing about me that I liked.
I then went to the door and
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Mature content
The Kingdom of Shadows | Chapter 1 :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 0 0
Mature content
The Kingdom of Shadows | Prologue :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 0 0
Map of Oryn (summer) + fleshed out by xSparkeyZx Map of Oryn (summer) + fleshed out :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 1 0 Map of Oryn (summer) by xSparkeyZx Map of Oryn (summer) :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 4 0
Tales of Oryn: Dawn | Chapter 3
Chapter III
The Misty Bridge
Rainy forest (ambiance)
A loud thunder sounded across the grey skies followed by a lightning. Rain was pouring down, turning into big drops underneath the forest. On the ground, lay Aura and Dawn, both motionless. Aura was still in her gryphon form, their feathers all ruffled up and bloody spots underneath the feathers as well. Dawn's body was covered in cuts. Her green hood was lost, and her leather jack was torn by the fall through the canopy of the forest. Nemir was nowhere to be seen. Though, the rain, washed away the mud on Dawn's face and Aura's feathers. They both remained motionless for long. Too long...
Alone (soundtrack)
A curious squirrel climbed down a tree next to Aura, and approached them carefully. But the squirrel didn't trust it, and climbed back up the
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Dawn | Chapter 2
Chapter II
The Zion Tower
What happened previously...
After Zeyros struck the Tree of Growth and set out to destroy it once and for all, Dawn and Neera managed to find the last guardian of the tree. They called them "Aura", named after the real name of the tree "Aurora". There, they decided to grant Aura's wish and guide her through the three trials that are necessary for them to go through in order to defeat Zeyros. The first one was the Ruins of Ashes, hidden deep inside the jungles of Erye. After discovering it at the Great Falls, they entered the Ruins and there they managed to grant Aura the first power of the guardians. The power to bend light to their will and use it as a weapon. Although, the Ruins collapsed, and the trio has to run for their lives, and when they got out, falling from high above into a lake. But they weren't alone...

Dawn gasped for air, opening her eyes widely when she woke up along the sho
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Aura (Vilxian) by xSparkeyZx Aura (Vilxian) :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 0 1
The World of Oryn | The Rise of Houses
Before the dawn of life, the Three Deities "Ara", "Mora" and "Zira" forged the world we all know as "Oryn" and sparked it with life. A once peaceful land blooming with thousands of animal species and breathtaking landscapes. Because of the Clash of the Two, Oryn was endangered, but saved by Ara and Mora by their sacrifice to form a tree that served as the pillar for the entire world to rest on. We called that tree "The Tree of Growth", replacing the balance that Zira could not maintain anymore after her fall.
The tree was being protected by a mythical species we called "Vilxians". A creation of Ara and Mora with no other purpose but to protect the tree. Although, not just the guardians would be enough to protect it, so thus the two godesses created another species to protect the Vilxians. Those species were us, humans. The first generation which we called the "Aeon of Dawn", was where we as a human species developed to build homes, tools, learning how to commune, switching over to the
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Dawn | Chapter 1
Chapter I
The Ruins of Ashes
"Dear mama and papa
When I was a child, you two always taught me that when I grow up and I don't know what I want to be or want to do, that I always have to follow my instinct and listen to my heart. I believe that moment is finally there. You might have noticed the sudden change in the weather. And the stories about the Tree of Growth keeping this world together are true. Unfortunately, this wyvern everyone talked about has destroyed the tree. If nobody does something, this world will perish forever. You might not believe me, but I will be going on an adventure with my friend Neera to restore the tree and protect the guardian that will have to defeat the wyvern. Don't worry about me, I won't be alone and I will look after myself. I have my bow and arrows, and I have Neera...and strangely to say...I also have the little creature by my side. Let's hope this journey will succeed, and le
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Dawn | Prologue
The Greenhollow Citadel
The sun started rising on a snowy day in the Citadel of Greenhollow. A majestic city of towers made of white bricks, with a bigger tower in the center, being the palace of the royal family. A metropolis of torches and houses were scattered around the towers as the surrounding walls were guarded by the archers and the gatekeepers. Flocks of birds made the scenery even more gorgeous as they were flying in schools above the city. The streets were already starting to become busy as merchants were setting up their stands and guards patrolling the streets. Inside the palace, sat King Meriac alongside his Queen Eria. The halls were silent with only the sound of footsteps echoing and the flickering torches on the pillars of the hall. The throne room was located in the top of the White Tower. That was how they called it.
The double doors on the entrance of the throne room o
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Dawn | Introduction
The World of Oryn
Before time began it is believed that three godesses named Ara, Mora and Zira bonded together to create a world. Ara, being the godess of Life. Mora, being the godess of Death, and Zira, being the godess of Balance. Together they created a world with astounding and breathtaking biomes. Mountains so high that they are touching the clouds, vast and wild forests with massive tall trees, tundras and icy plains where only the warmest of beings could survive, blazing deserts where no one could survive, oceans with unknown depths and jungles so dense that it was barely accessible. The godesses, also called "The Three Deities" then filled Oryn with life. Hundreds of animal species living in all the biomes except for the desert. Peace and tranquility ruled over Oryn for centuries,
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House sigil by xSparkeyZx House sigil :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 0 0 Soon... by xSparkeyZx Soon... :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 1 0
Haunting Heart | Prologue [CANCELLED]
I'm sure this question has crossed everyone's mind at least once. What if you could rewind time? What if you could undo the things you've done in the past to make a better choice? Unfortunately, such things only exist in stories, myths, legends, our minds. Everyone wanted to rewind time at least once in their lives. Me? I cannot count the times I've thought about it anymore. I've made choices. Bad choices. Choices that changed my life forever. My name is Leanna Merrant Goldberg, and my story takes place in the land of Eryen.
The Heist
The vault. That was our target. In the city of Whiteridge, was a huge bank where people were allowed to store all their wealth. I was only sixteen years old and we already did most of the work. The barrels of gunpowder were placed in front of it. All it took was an ignition. The others, Shane, B
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Mature content
A Daughter's Tale | Prologue :iconxsparkeyzx:xSparkeyZx 1 0



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Chapter II

Fort Luparia

The feast ended, and the next day, there was already someone waiting at my house. My new soon to be trainer. I wasn’t even dressed yet. And I still had to say my farewells to Aidan. Warriors of the Genesis were always isolated from everyone else. They couldn’t have any influence from the outside, only to be focused on their task. To find a way to stop this madness, this chaos.

I dressed up, my usual leather outfit, with metal rings strapped on my shoulders and my flanks, and my fingerless leather gloves. I tied my black hair into a horsetail, and took a final look into the mirror. My face was smooth. I never went through anything dangerous before. That would soon change. I always wondered if too much stress would damage the color in your eyes. Make it more grim. I didn’t want my sky-blue eyes to die down. It’s the only thing about me that I liked.

I then went to the door and opened it, and there was my trainer. Arem, they called him. For a trainer he looked quite handsome, and had so many scars on his face. You could tell he went outside the barrier a lot of times.

“You’re Elaine Bladesong?”

He wore stern steel armor and wide shoulder pads, a white cloak dragging lightly over the ground and holding a full steel helmet underneath his armpit. His armor had white paintings on it. The symbol of the Genesis. A white circle with a white sun painted inside it. The sword in his scabbard, looked like it was glowing a bit.

“Yes, that’s me. Well, not Bladesong anymore.” I nodded.

I’ve never seen a warrior from the Genesis before. They looked outstanding. Almost even breathtaking. It wasn’t a wonder the shadows saw those warriors as a big threat. He scoffed and shook his head.

“Forget the whole oath thing. We’re still humans, and we have a family to look back to. You’re a Bladesong, and even better, Rendar Bladesong’s daughter. He would be very proud to see you here, you know that right?”

For some reason, hearing he knew my father, struck my heart with some kind of warmth I could not describe. I never knew him, I only heard stories.

“You know my father?” I asked.

“I stood by his side before we lost from the darkness. Anyhow, we’ll talk about your father later. For now, you need to be introduced to the pack.”

“The pack?” I asked with a frown.

“It’s what we call ourselves. The pack of wolves that hunt in the night, not afraid of the darkness. But I’m telling you. We’re terrified of the darkness. It’s that fear that keeps us alive. Now, if you could follow me please?”

“Will I get to say goodbye to my friend?”

“Right now you can’t. We need to test the new chosen on how they react to yearning feelings. Don’t worry, you’ll get to say goodbye to them the first time you go beyond the barrier.”

I nodded and followed him down the path. His armor rattling on every step. I looked at the barrier, enshrouding this entire place. It had a soft green glow. One day, I would be actually going past that barrier. I still couldn’t believe it. We went all around the tree, leaving the entire community behind, and stopped at a wooden gate. It looked like a fortress surrounded by wooden walls. A small stack of smoke loomed above the fort, creating a smell of a warm fireplace.

Fort Luparia (soundtrack)

“Welcome to Fort Luparia, Elaine.”

A guard in white painted leather, carrying a bow around his back with glowing arrows in his quiver, watched around proudly on the watchtower. The wooden gates slowly opened, revealing a busy courtyard. Trainees were shooting targets with bows, all lined up, a group of runners in light clothing were running circles around the courtyard, doing push-ups, or pulling themselves up on poles. Everyone looked so wide and strong. I seemed so out of place here. There were quite a few girls as well, but they looked just as strong as the boys. Some were throwing spears on targets, hitting the bullseye perfectly. There were groups of friends. This seemed like an entire new community outside Kindle Haven.

There, were all the people that were involuntary chosen. Then, all become one big band of comrades. I could feel the bond that everyone had. Some noticed me, and were glaring at me, which made me feel quite uncomfortable. I still followed Arem, who rounded up all the warriors by yelling out loud.

“Alright, warriors, trainees, gather around in formation!”

Everyone immediately responded, running in a jogging pace in a neat formation, all lined up next to each other. Arem looked at me, as if he was expecting something.

“That also includes you, trainee. Hurry up!”

I didn’t know where to stand, so I just joined the formation next to some big, buff man. My heart was pounding, I was so nervous. Everything became silent.

“Brothers, sisters. Just like every year our brotherhood is blessed with an addition to our forces. Every year, our brotherhood grows stronger.”

He paced around slowly, his chest upfront, caressing the hilt of his sword and watching over us. Our group existed of at least twenty-six men. Well...twenty-seven including me.

“This year, we have the honor to be having noble blood in our ranks. Even though it doesn’t mean much anymore in these times of troubles, she is still a great addition. I’d like to welcome Elaine Bladesong into the brotherhood.”

He looked at me, calling me over with his hand.

“Please step forward, Elaine.”

I looked around me, and expecting to see everyone staring at me, they were staring in front of them instead. I don’t think I remembered someone blinking. They were so disciplined. I stepped forward out of the formation, and turned around.

“Her father served this world greatly before darkness took over. And so she will continue to do so. We will train her to be amongst our greatest warriors. If anyone has any objection of her joining the brotherhood, raise your hand.”

With sweat on my forehead, and my eyes darting from person to person, I waited for all of them to raise their hands. But they didn’t. Nobody raised their hands, and just kept on staring in front of them. I finally cracked a smile, releasing a little sigh.

“Then let us accept her into our pack. For humanity, for Oryn.”

The entire group then repeated the words.

“For humanity, for Oryn!”

“Okay, gentlemen, at ease. Continue your daily trainings, Elaine, with me.”

I nodded and followed Arem while the group dispersed and continued with their training. He lead me to a wooden building in the back of the fortress, banners of the encircled sun symbol were hanging beside the entrance. He opened the door, entering a room filled with weapons. Probably an armory. They all were glowing in some light. Bows, quivers, crossbows, bolts, swords, spears, lances, axes, greatswords, shields. All sorts of weapons were placed in the racks. But not only weapons, armor also. Mannequins carrying pieces of white painted armor. Leather, steel, fur, hide, all sorts of types, all carrying the Genesis symbol.


Damnit. I was lost in thoughts again. I sighed and shook my head. I really wanted to know how it felt like to wear those beautiful armors. And I got lost in thoughts looking at them.

“You’ll be able to wear those one day. When your training is over.”

I simply nodded and continued following him. He entered another room, this time, it was filled with wooden bunk beds.

“This is where you all sleep. There’s a few empty beds, you can choose which one you will take. Breakfast is on sunrise, and supper on duskfall. The rest of the day you will train. Find some buddies to train with. Get to know the other people. It’s easier to train with others than by yourself. It goes faster. Try all sorts of weapons, choose your own personal type, and hone your skills with it every day.

“Okay.” I simply replied. He left the room, and I was all alone. It was only then, that I noticed my hands were shaking. Why were they shaking? And why was I so nervous? I chose the free bed close to the window. I always liked looking at the night sky. It was the only thing that was still beautiful despite all the darkness. A pair of clothing was folded and resting on my bed. I took it and unfolded it, revealing a tight uniform made of some hide, but beautifully decorated with the Genesis symbol and polished with leather patches.

“I guess this is what I’ll be wearing now.” I told to myself. I took off my own leather gear, and climbed into the uniform. It felt pretty tight at first, but after walking around with it for a moment, it started to fit better. I also took the pair of simple leather boots and put them on. My own white Genesis uniform. I never thought I would be wearing this to be honest. When I was ready, I exited the quarters back into the courtyard.

People were busy in groups. Everyone was so bonded with each other, how would I possibly fit into one of these groups then? Cropped to myself, I headed over to the archery range. A row of beautiful white bows were resting in a rack. Some were missing because others were using them obviously. I took one as well, gripping it firmly. I looked at the target in front of me, and took an arrow from the quiver that was resting along the rack, nocking it.

I pulled the string tight, closed my one eye and aimed towards the target. When I thought I was ready, I released the arrow. I completely missed, and felt embarrassed, looking around if anybody saw my blunder. I sighed, taking another arrow, and then I heard a voice behind me.

“You gotta relax, Elaine.”

I looked behind me, and saw a boy,, standing there and looking at me with amber eyes. He wore the exact same outfit as me, with brown short hair. He also had a big scar across his entire face. Stubbornly, I turned back to my target and nocked the arrow into my bow.

“I am.”

“Believe me, everyone is anxious the first day in Luparia. You’ll get used to it.” he told me. I released my arrow, hitting the target, but only just on the most outer circle. I sighed again, reaching my hand towards the quiver when I felt his hand intercepting mine, taking the arrow for me.

“Hey, calm down. You need to hold your elbow higher.”

I decided to let him help me, nocking my arrow and letting him correct my stance.

“Straighten your back as well, and take a deep breath.” he said while pushing in the arc of my back. I did notice a change in the position of my bow. It felt more comfortable, and I felt like I could aim better. Maybe it was just an illusion. But when released the arrow, I knew it wasn’t. It almost pierced into the bullseye.

“See? That’s better. Try the other weapons as well. My name is Liam, by the way. I got chosen last year. I caught your name is Elaine?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yes. Thanks for the help.”

So he was the one Aidan talked about. I wouldn’t imagine Liam being one to cry. Did he change that easily just by heading out there?

“Always welcome. You’re one of us now, we have to help each other.”

I went through all sorts of weapons, but the one that appealed to me the most, were the spears. They were pretty light-weighted, and combining it with a shield felt the best for me.

Training Camp (soundtrack)

Months passed of non-stop training every day. I never got used to the weekly Great Climb. That was how they called it. Every week, we had to climb to the top of the Tree of Growth, and mark one of her leaves before climbing all the way down again. When we fell, Vilxians would catch us from the air. But I can tell you, it didn’t take the fear away at all.

I got better every day with my spears as well. It only took a few weeks for me to be able to throw my spear right in the bullseye. Vilxians would cast magical targets that served as the replacement of the shadow creatures beyond the barrier. We trained on those as well, letting more than one pounce at us at the same time. I sparred a lot with others, mainly Liam. He was my main training partner for the entirety of the training season.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Aidan every night. I couldn’t even say goodbye to him. I kept thinking about what he was doing then, if he’s been doing alright.

Then, almost a year passed. My skills were honed to the point where I felt I was ready for the final test. It came down to that. When I passed that test, I would be allowed to go beyond the barrier.

Finally, I was standing there, ready to start the test. An obstacle course stood in front of me, with Vilxians ready to cast creatures pouncing my way. Everyone was looking at me, including the trainers. Even one of the Kindle Haven leaders were here, Arem. I held my spear tightly, the leather of my fingerless gloves squeaking, my tight leather boots crunching in the gravel, and my polished leather armor with the Genesis symbol glimmering in the light. My black hair was tied up in a knot. I was ready, waiting for the trumpet signal.

And then I heard it, the short tune.

I pushed myself forward, making some gravel fly in the air behind me. I immediately stumbled on a crawling obstacle, throwing myself on the ground and crawling as fast as I could. I was surprised by my own speed, as I almost floated under the obstacle, immediately standing up when I made it, continuing my sprint. When I saw the next obstacle, where I had to climb over, a Vilxian cast a creature pouncing at me, making me make a little spin before plowing my spear through it with a loud grunt, making it dissolve into the air.

“Yes!” I shouted in my own head, climbing the obstacle, the grip of my gloves making it fairly easy to vault over it. I let myself fall down, landing on my hands and feet, when I was unexpectedly attacked by three creatures at once. I quickly dived down, letting all their pounces miss me and turned to the creatures, throwing my spear into one of them, and quickly taking a new one from my back. I couldn’t throw another one, as one of them pounced at me again, making me hold my shield in front of me, preparing for impact.

The impact pushed me back a few steps, and then I saw the second one pouncing at me as well. Then I saw it, they were all lined up. “This is my chance.” I thought, so I threw my spear towards them, piercing them both at once, their formless bodies dissolving into the air. My heart was pounding, and my breath quickened. I still have two more obstacles to go.

I continued my sprint, diving onto my hands and knees, crawling through a narrow tunnel. Then, another creature also seemed to be crawling through it towards me, snarling and growling viciously. But that wasn’t the only one, I heard the same snarls behind me as well. They really didn’t make it easy for me. Creatures were crawling from both ends of the tunnel towards me. I held my shield up to one side, and kept my spear up to the other. When the one at my spear approached, I thrust it into the creature while the other pushed against my shield forcefully, dangerously close. The power was immense, making me use both my hands to push against the force, groaning and grunting loudly.

I couldn’t use my spears since the creature was too close, but then I realized. My daggers! I dangerously let go of the shield with one hand, making it harder for me to push against the creature, but I took a dagger from my belt, and quickly thrust it into the creature, making it dissolve as well. I made it.

That encounter in the tunnels made me exhausted. With my heart pounding, and me panting loudly, I crawled out of the tunnel, covered in sweat. One more obstacle to go.

The last obstacle wasn’t actually a physical one. It was just one small platform I had to stand on. I stood on it, and saw four Vilxians standing around me, ready to cast the creatures. They cast them one by one. The first one didn’t pounce me yet, so I quickly threw my spear into the creature. It was immediately followed by another one behind me, this time, it did pounce. I quickly turned around while taking a new spear from my back. But since it pounced, I only managed to slam it down into the ground instead of piercing it. I couldn’t finish it off as the third one was being spawned, dashing towards me. I turned around once again, not able to use my weapons at all, so I grabbed it and threw it over me using the momentum of the creature’s dash. They were both in my line of sight, so I held my second last spear in front of me, in a stable combat position, keeping my feet wide apart from each other.

They both pounced at me again, I slammed down the first one, while plunging my spear into the other, letting out a loud growl myself. While the first one was down, I quickly finished it off before it could attempt another pounce at me. It came down to the last one. Since it was only one, it was fairly easy to kill it, as I threw my second last spear into the creature. As soon as it dissolved, the trumpet sounded again.

Welcome to the Genesis (soundtrack)

It was finally over. I was panting heavily, bending down and supporting myself on my knees. Sweat dripping from my head, and my damp hair sticking to the sides of my head.

“Well done!” I heard Liam yelling in the distance, I saw everyone approaching me with a wide smile on their face. Liam and others wrapped their arm around me, pushing me unintentionally from side to side.

“That was awesome, Elaine!”

Then I saw my trainer approaching. Considering his smile, it was probably good news. He stopped in front of me, and paused for a moment.

“One minute and five seconds. That is the second best we had so far. Congratulations, Elaine. You’re officially a Warrior of the Genesis now.”

He opened his hand, revealing a small metal badge. It was the Genesis symbol. The encircled sun. He pinned it on my chest. I won’t argue that I felt pretty proud of myself. I never thought I would’ve made it.

And so, I became a Warrior of the Genesis.

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Chapter I

10 years later

Kindle Haven (soundtrack)

    For ten years, all kingdoms of Oryn united to fight the Kingdom of Shadows. Outnumbering our armies all together, and using soldiers of shadows, made out of dark magic no one had ever seen before, most of the human race had perished in the process, and the darkness took over the entirety of the world. Kingdoms destroyed, cities collapsed, the sun nowhere to be seen since we lost.

Houses perished. Bladesong, Thornsvale, Blackbear, Volquen, Draeven. All of them meant nothing anymore. With no kings and queens left to rule, no leaders left to lead, chaos reigned once again, over Oryn.

    The progress we made in finding out how to defeat this darkness, was also gone in the wind. We were left to start from scratch, and it didn’t seem like there was much hope left at all. But despite our defeat, we as a human race did not go down so easily. The Tree of Growth, had then become a sanctuary for the few people that were still alive. A community, our final hope.

    The sanctuary was protected by the only other species that was not extinct. A species created by the goddesses Ara and Mora to originally protect the tree. The tree that was the pillar of this world. The heart of Oryn. Without it, there wouldn’t even be anything left for the Kingdom of Shadows to rule over. Those species were called “Vilxians”. They were made out of the light of Aurora, which is the name that that species called their tree. Able to bend the light to their will, travel in enormous speeds, and transform into any other animal shape, made them the only real threat to the Kingdom of Shadows.

    When we thought the deities had completely left us by our own. Aurora, the amalgamation of Ara and Mora, protected our sanctuary with a magical barrier, preventing any darkness to pass through. We built homes in this sanctuary, grew crops and took livestock of the very few animals that we managed to save. The sanctuary became our new home. A safe haven that protected us, and Oryn’s final light.

We called that sanctuary “Kindle Haven”

“Why are you writing all of this down?”

    A voice emerged behind me, a voice I surely recognized. I looked behind me, and saw his smile. His contagious smile made me smile back at him instinctively.

“Oh, hey Aidan. I want to write this down to remember everything after we saved this world.”

    His smile disappeared, and I saw him letting out a little sigh. He went and sat next to me behind the table. He looked at me. I will never forget his face. A gaze that completely lost hope.

“Look, Elaine. I know you still believe we can save this world. And I respect that, but I don’t want you to rely on false hopes, you know?”

    I wasn’t mad at him for trying to stop me having hopes. Because I didn’t blame him. That sanctuary, probably only housed a thousand people. Compared to the numbers before hell broke loose, it did look pretty grim for us. For humanity. But somewhere in my heart, I still believed we could do something. So I just smiled at him, and nodded.

“I know. But you know me, I’m a determined one.”

He chuckled at that. “Yes you are.” then tapped my back before standing back up. “The annual feast is about to start soon. I expect you’ll be there Elly!”

    Elly. He always called me that. I told him I didn’t like that name, but then he kept saying it just to tease me. And to be honest, I secretly did like it. Every year, our community organized a feast to keep up the good spirits of all the people. It was really easy to fall into a pit of darkness into your own mind. A lot of people had already taken their own life, as if we could afford to lose any more people. We needed more people, but at the same time, we weren’t allowed to reproduce. It would overpopulate Kindle Haven, and would make things even worse. Only when someone elderly died, a new life was allowed to be brought into this world. Though I had my doubts if living in the world how it was then was actually worth it.

    I was brought into the world right before everything went down. My entire family got perished by the darkness, and I, as a baby, was brought to Kindle Haven. The only thing that stopped me from being down, or even take my own life, was the fact that I never knew any better. I only knew stories about how bright and beautiful this world once was. Leaves growing on trees, flowers blooming in the green grass, ocean waves coloring the horizon. One day, I would want to see it. I wanted to see leaves growing on trees, flowers blooming in the grass and ocean waves coloring the horizon. All I ever saw, was the dark outside. It was colorless. The only place that bore colors, was Kindle Haven.

    That was why I wanted to save this world. Because I believed that I would be able to see the colors of this world for the first time in my life.

    I closed my notebook and looked at the massive tree. The Tree of Growth. The only tree left that was still alive. You would think in this magical bubble, it would still look beautiful. It did, didn’t have as many colors as people expected. Vylxians were calmly flying around it, in several forms. Eagles, griffons, little birds. Their light was the only thing that kept people going. It was what helped me keep going as well. The Vylxians helped us in the community. Our smiths made armor for them, they helped us carry around stuff. They were a great help in these times. They even provided food for our community when the few crops we had, failed to grow.

    I made my way down the path around the tree, towards a massive tent where the feast would take place. Torches were placed along the path, lighting it up in a soft orange glow. Every feast, there was also a Choosing. Every year, a new person would be chosen to join the elite warriors that would go outside the barrier to find leads on how to save this world. We called those elite the “Genesis”.

     They were only made out of young people. When children turn seventeen, they will be a candidate to be chosen. They would be trained by the best warriors we had. I already turned seventeen, five years ago. Then I was twenty-two, and still didn’t get picked. I entered the tent, and was greeted by warm air, and a loud chattering of all thousand people together, sitting behind tables, feasting away. Our community was led by three people.

     Gaia, a clever woman. Probably somewhere in her mid-forties. Padron, an elderly man, the one that chose the new Genesis warriors, since he believed he had a certain connection with Aurora, who chose the warriors for him. And last but not least, Valcur. A fierce warrior, saying he even fought in the Old War a long time ago before everything went down. He trained the new warriors, preparing them to enter the dark wastes. All together, those three people kept our community together. They also sat behind a table, but in front of the tent, on a higher podium.

    I searched for Aidan. He said he would be close to the entrance. And then I found him, waving at me with a smile. I smiled back and approached his table, joining him in the feast. Makeshift chandeliers and wall torches lit up the whole tent, making the light reflect in everyone’s eyes.

“Here’s our heroine!” he said jokingly. His friends were with him as well.

“Be careful or you will be the next hero soon when they call out the new name.” I responded, nudging his arm as I sat next to him. There was already food on my plate. Some vegetables with venison. Only in annual feasts we could eat venison, since it’s pretty rare. And when our livestock decides to stop breeding, we’ll have no meat anymore in the first place.

“What have you been doing today, Elly?” Aidan asked, pulling the meat from his fork with his teeth.

“Ah, helping out some people with crops, and writing. Mostly, writing.” I smirked, cutting off a piece of meat as well and stuffing it in my mouth. Aidan turned to his friends and started to have a chat with them. I mostly just listened instead of talking.

“Did you hear about last year’s feast? I feel so bad for that boy. He just turned seventeen and he immediately got picked. I still haven’t been picked for six years. He was even crying and didn’t want to join the warriors. People say now he has been past the barrier five times already without dying. Says a lot about the man. If you went there-”

    After that, I wasn’t listening anymore. I was daydreaming, staring in front of me, only hearing the chattering sounds turning into muffled sounds. When people went past the barrier and returned, they were always changed. They saw horrible things, and probably went through some heavy stuff. Suddenly, a loud clinging sound echoed through the tent, snapping me out of my trance of thoughts. The entire tent turned silent, as all the heads turned to the three leaders. It was time, the Choosing was starting. Gaia, the smart woman, already starting to grey, stood up, being in the middle of the three.

“People of Kindle Haven. Every year, this feast reminds us of the chance our deities are giving us. A chance to prove ourselves one last time. Darkness is reigning over our world, and it will keep doing so until we do something. On every feast, there will also be a choosing. Padron here, will connect with the Tree of Growth. With Aurora, and she will speak out the new name that will join the newfound elite Genesis warriors. When the name of the person will be revealed, we need you to come forth to us, and swear the oath. In case you deny the calling of the goddesses, you will be banished from Kindle Haven, and forced to wander the darkness. All hail Aurora, let her light guide us to victory, paint the skies and make it ours.”

    When her speech was over, everyone repeated the usual motto of our community.

“Paint the skies, and make it ours!”

    Gaia looked at Padron, nodded, and sat down again. His blind eyes staring into nothing, his wrinkly hands shaking a little. It was dead-silent. Everyone was waiting for him to be finished talking with Aurora. It didn’t take long, before he turned his head to Gaia and whispered the name in her ear. This was it. Another choosing. Who would it be that time? Maybe it could be me, but then again, I hadn’t been chosen for years. The chances were very slim, but they were still there. When Padron whispered the name, Gaia stood back up and watched the crowd, pausing for just a moment. And then she revealed the name.

Genesis (soundtrack)

“Elaine Bladesong. Daughter of Rendar and Ryma Bladesong. Please step forward.”

    Everyone’s faces were aimed at me. A thousand glares, looking at my reaction. Honestly, I couldn’t react. I was shocked. I didn’t dare to look back to anyone, just looking down to my plate. I didn’t even want to look at Aidan. I didn’t want to see his face, knowing he was going to lose me to the Genesis.

“Elaine Bladesong?” Gaia repeated.

    I had to go, I had to step forward. People were still silent. And when I stood up from the table, the only sound was the sound of the creaking wood when I stood up. I made eye contact with some people, all furrowing their eyebrows. I shuffled between the tables, approaching the front of the tent. When I arrived, I stopped before Gaia, Padron and Valcur.

“Sweetheart, you know what this means, do you? You are chosen by Aurora. You are chosen by the goddesses. Are you ready to swear the oath?”

    I swallowed deeply, looking back to the thousand people watching me. My heart was pounding in my throat, and my hands were shaking a little. I always dreamt of making a change to this world, but then that I might actually be able to, I was still scared. I softly nodded, sweat appearing on my forehead. I kneeled.

“Do you swear to give up all freedom of having a husband, to create a family of your own, or continue your bloodlines as a Bladesong? To fully dedicate your life as a Warrior of the Genesis?”

    With almost no hesitation, nodded.

“I swear.”

“Do you swear to uphold all your vows, and swear fealty to the goddesses that chose your name? Ready to give your life if need be?”

“I swear.”

“Do you swear by the Three Deities, and the existence of the human race, to protect those by your side and the people of Kindle Haven? Do you swear to use the light that will be given to you, to purify the darkness in this world?”

“I swear.”

“Then rise up, Elaine. Not as a Bladesong, but as a Warrior of the Genesis. A servant of this world. A servant of Aurora. May the light guide you and your companions in the darkest of paths. Paint the skies, make it ours.”

    I slowly rose up, repeating the words.

“Paint the skies, make it ours.”

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Wind blew into the blue painted sails, bearing the yellow bird symbol encircled by the curves of two sabers. 
He looked towards the horizon, his eyes sharp and looking for what he sought.

“Can you see that?” He asked, slightly rotating the wheel.

“Indeed. it's the cove…” Said an old man to his side, his hair greying and his voice hoarse.

“We’re finally here, your grace…” he let off, with a smile.

“Anchor down and release the rowboat, quartermaster. We're heading in.”

“Of course, my Prince.” Answered the old man.

“Weigh down the anchor and release the boat!” He yelled, turning towards the deck. Before helping the other sailors, he gave the man behind the wheel a final quick look.

“Let’s hope what the woman says is really true. And not some kind of sadistic joke.”

    The waves hit the wooden body of the small ship as it was anchored. As the two men walked down the plank stairs towards the main deck, the rowboats slowly went down the sides of the ship. Uniformed sailors stood in attention as their prince strided before them, hands folded behind his back. “Wait for us here, prepare to set sails immediately. He wore full brown leather armor, along with some fur to protect him from the elements. His brown hair was neatly tied up in a knot, and his chest bore a pin of the same bird symbol that was on the sails of the ship. Caressing the hilt of his sword that was resting into its scabbard, he climbed off the ship into the rowboat. His fur cloak circled around his shoulders, floating in the air as he jumped down into the small vessel.

    “Come on in Merris, we don't have all day.” he said, as he grabbed a row.

    his quartermaster, and older man in a blue and yellow uniform, had his fair share of battle scars on his face. He had a grey strong beard, and a balding head. “Be right there your grace, I’ll take the ropes down.” Said the old man, an embarrassed smile on his face. He clearly missed the days he could jump down feet without breaking his bones. Merris held two torches as he climbed down the ropes. The cold wind and his warm breath, resulted in a contrast of vapor, coming out of his nose. His skin was hardened by too many winters in the battle camps. his hands were not shaking, but the fur around his neck and shoulders had gone stiff.

“Nothing good ever comes out of such dark holes your highness, don't say i didn't warn you.” said the old veteran, putting his feet inside the boat and grabbing his rows. his eyes, squinted towards their mysterious destination.

“Only one way to find out old man.” He replied, with sharp eyes, as they began rowing. Minutes passed, and slowly the dim sunlight of the cloudy sky was blocked by a rocky arch atop their head

    They looked upwards at the rocky formations around the entrance, looking like the mouth of a beast. Rocks like spikes, like giant teeth, going up and down around them. The sound of the open sea, slowly replaced by the sound of dripping water, as they rowed deeper and deeper into the darkness, holding up their torches. The sea stopped further into the cove, Forcing Rendar and the Veteran to leave their boat and carry on-foot. The prince climbed out first and offered his hand, pulling Merris out of the boat. The young man held his torch and looked into the darkness.

“Shall we?” Rendar asked, looking at Merris with a determined frown. Merris nodded.

“Keep an eye out prince. So will I.”

    They started heading deeper into the cove. The light of their torches followed them, lightning the damp rocky walls as they kept on walking with a steady pace.

The Kingdom of Shadows (soundtrack)

    The path they walked became narrower and narrower by the second, forcing them to hold their torches upwards. The eerie silence was broken, as the prince slowed down and stopped.


    Merris turned to the prince and looked at the rocks. The walls were covered with ancient white drawings. He held his torch close to it to make a better observation, and looked at it with sharp eyes.

“This, Prince, is indeed why we came here. so it’s true...”

    Rendar shook his head, shrugging to himself and gently running his hand over a black, circular drawing this time, floating above the crowd of white people.

“Seems this is drawn in a hurry or...something. It’s all scribbled. What does it even mean? it’s like a madman’s dream.”

    Merris moved along the walls with his torch, fidgeting with the metal ring on the hilt of his sword. Rendar gazed at him, noticing his nervousness.

“I don't know what you’re thinking old man, but for all we know, some child might’ve come here and covered these walls with their chalkstone.”

“This is no chalkstone. Unfortunately, your grace, I don’t think a child would even want to come down here in the first place. Even we are making a mistake, and we’re bloody adults.”

Merris continued to inspect the drawing.

“Now it looks like this circle is devouring them.” Merris walked further to light up more of the wall, leaned down revealed yet another drawing. One man, in black this time, and the same scribbled circle beside him. Merris tilted his head and squinted his eyes, bringing his head closer.

“From what I’m seeing, these drawings are fairly similar to what the stories tell us. I’m telling you, your grace. This is real.” He shook his head and rose up towards the prince. “With all due respect your grace, the woman was right. We’re fucked.”

    Rendar didn’t even respond, as he was too focused on the drawings. They ended when Rendar could smell something foul. It came from further down the cove.

“Do you smell this too? I don’t fear much in this world, but this is something entirely different.”

    He took a quick look to Merris, who was hunching his shoulders and taking a deep breath while his forehead was glimmering with sweat. Both of them held their hand on the hilt of their sword and continued walking. The stench became stronger and stronger. A stench Merris recognized.

“There, the smell of rotting carcasses, your grace. Are you still convinced a toddler or a madman would come down here?”

    He crinkled his nose and squint his eyes a little when the stench became really thick that time. They reached an open space into the cove, and when their torches lit the space up, Rendar took a step back, turning away and almost needing to gag as millions of flies were buzzing around hundreds of human corpses, stacked inside the room, rotting and decaying. Merris looked at it with wide-eyes, only turning away a little, while Rendar couldn't look at it at all. A mixture of skeletons, bare and some still bearing flesh.

    The stench was strong enough to burn inside their nostrils. Maggots and flies were feasting on the bodies. There wasn't even room to walk further down since it was filled with them. But that wasn't all that was in the room. Merris' eyes caught on something in the back of the room on the wall, faintly lit up by his torch, but he could still see it. A symbol painted with blood on the wall. A half moon pointing upwards pierced by a straight sword, also pointing in the same direction. The symbol was surrounded by random blood scribbles, not really creating any form or image. Similar to the scribbled circle on the walls behind them.

“We have to go, Rendar. Now.” Merris said as he walked back towards the exit of the cove, pulling him with him.

“We need to send owls towards every damned city and we need to do it now. The stories are right. Dark days are coming for every royal family… including you and your father. Unless we do something, none of the kingdoms will be left standing.”

    He pushed Rendar back into the rowboat, who was slowly beginning to understand the gravity of the situation. His eyes were still wide, and he was looking around him in disbelief, as his bubble of skepticism was slowly breaking. with all the strength they had, breathing heavily, they rowed towards the exit.

    “May Ara have mercy on us all…”

This is it, my first day on deviantArt. I have no idea how this will turn out, but we'll see! I will update my writing progress here frequently and keep you up to date with my future plans. Right now I'm working on my first story that I'm about to publish. I have written before, but I never published it, so please cut me some slack if it isn't as good as expected. But feel free to criticize my work. It's the only way I can improve myself, so I would highly appreciate it! :)

My story is called "A Tale of Winds", in the Elder Scrolls universe. It takes place at 2E 602 in Hammerfell, and is about the adventure of a 19 year old Breton girl called "Kiera Bloodcrest" who happens to involve herself in something bigger than she anticipated. She'll face big mysteries and dangers she never faced before. I'm going to post it chapter by chapter. I already finished the prologue. I might post it here soon maybe, just to give you a little insight of what can be expected. So if you're interested, feel free to follow my updates :)


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